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To the wonderful and knowledgeable people at Physical Home Defense.

I thought I was safe – living on a major highway, with a security system in place, but I was wrong.  My home was broken into, and several items were taken. It was a wake-up call that showed me just how ineffective an alarm by itself is, and luckily I was put in touch with Physical Home Defense by my brother.

Now, I have the DoorGuard and new deadbolts protecting my exterior doors.  I also have a camera in place and a DVR to record continuously, as well as a driveway sensor, and motion sensitive exterior lighting on both sides of my house.  I switched to their alarm system, which incorporates a shock sensor door contact, glass break detectors and has an exterior siren/strobe light rather than an interior siren that no one can hear. My old alarm system was only activated when the burglar kicked in the door and gained access to my house. Now if someone tries to kick in my door, the DoorGuard will keep them out and the shock sensor will set off the alarm while the burglar is still on the outside trying to get in. The exterior siren/strobe will sound immediately drawing attention to the burglar while he is still on the outside. That alone will send the thief running.  Also, I can check the view from the camera on my phone, as well as turn on or off my security system from an app on my phone.  I get a text message on my phone when someone drives into my driveway. I can then check the camera from my phone and let my neighbors know if anything suspicious is going on. Hopefully, when they try kicking the door, they will break their foot since it is reinforced with the DoorGuard system.

I was very impressed with the professional advice I received, and the efficient way the installation was done.  I feel that the experience this company has in the security field enabled them to give me the very best protection that is available today.  I now know that I am more in control of my home’s security and my personal safety as well.

Thank you to everyone from PHD who worked on my home!

Karen W.

I want to thank the good people at Physical Home Defense.  You can’t put a price on the piece of mind that the DoorGuard, L-Shape guard plate, and the security system provides for my wife and family.

The thought of just an alarm always felt like false security, since it only set off an alarm after someone got into the house and even if nothing terrible actually happened the mental scar that would leave would be awful.

I now have real security in my home!

Brian H.

It was recently brought to my attention by a security professional that my stand alone alarm system and keyed door knobs would not physically keep anyone out of my house. I was referred to a company called Physical Home Defense (PHD) a division of Edward Wayne Inc. This company specializes in physical security and incorporates an alarm system that compliments the physical security.

They performed a security survey on my house and showed me how they could secure my doors by incorporating a DoorGuard, a new heavy duty grade one deadbolt and their own specially designed L-shaped door edge protector. They also showed me how they could install laminated security glass in my doors, sidelites and windows. To me, this information was invaluable and I approved them to perform the work to make my home more secure. I can’t even begin to tell you how much safer my family and I feel and it makes it a lot easier for us to fall asleep at night.

As for their professionalism, they showed up on time when they were scheduled to and were very cautious when installing their products so as to not damage any part of my house. They cleaned up any mess that they made to the point that I couldn’t even tell that someone had been there.

PHD’s products are so well designed that you can’t even tell that they had been installed once the work was done. My house looks exactly the same as it did before they secured it and I would not hesitate recommending them to anyone. I would personally like to thank Ron Olberding and David Allen for all the work they have done in designing their fantastic line of security products and for setting up a company that specializes in this very important and necessary field of work.

Henry B.

In 2003 I moved my family from New York to Overland Park Kansas where I purchase a house in the in the Glenn Eagle Estates subdivision. In November of that same year we decided to return to New York for Thanks Giving, since this is where most of our family lived. We had an alarm system installed in our house during construction, but failed to turn it on before we left. By the time we realized our mistake it was too late to go back and turn it on.

Upon returning to our new home in Overland Park, we quickly realized that someone had tried to forcefully gain entrance through all three (3) of our exterior doors using some sort of pry bar. Lucky for us though, neither of the three doors gave way. It was at this time that we learned our house had been equipped with a new product called DoorGuard. This product, we learned, was the result of an ordinance that Overland Park had adopted in November of 1998.

It was brought to our attention by Overland Parks Crime Prevention Officer, Michael Betten, that the ordinance was the result of four home invasions, in the neighborhood of Morning View that resulted in the sexual assault of four women. The perpetrator had simply gained entrance by kicking open the front door of each house.

Obviously as a husband and a father, I felt great sorrow and sympathy for what those four women had to endure, and hopefully won’t have to go through again. I can only say that it would be nice if we didn’t have to worry about events such as this, but unfortunately this is the world that we now live in. I can also tell you that I am able to sleep a lot easier at night knowing that the fine men at Edward Wayne Inc., Ron Olberding and Dave Allen, along with the city of Overland Park, have made it much more difficult for criminals to invade our privacy and take away our feeling of security.


It was 2:45am and I woke up to someone trying to kick in my front door. I’ve never had anything like this happen before and assumed my front door was durable. I learned very quickly that it wasn’t. As I heard the man kicking and kicking, it became clear that he was closer to knocking the door down than I realized. My alarm system, one from a well-known national company, failed to activate and I was incredibly frightened.

Luckily, the police got there in time and the man never made it inside. However, when I finally came downstairs, my front door was 90% kicked in. With one more kick, he would’ve been inside. I thought I was safe, but found out in a scary way that I wasn’t.

I called Ron Olberding immediately and asked him what I could do to protect myself in the future. He suggested I install a DoorGuard and I’m so glad I did. I was incredibly scared after the attempted break-in and Ron assured me that I would feel safe again. After he visited my home and secured it with true physical security, I finally feel protected again. I have resumed my normal routine and it feels great!

Crystal R.

It was fortunate that I attended a workshop on safety and security offered by Officer Michael Betten from the Overland Park Police Department. I learned that my house needed some work in order to be more secure. Ron Olberding and Dave Allen, from Edward Wayne Industries, were recommended to do some work, particularly on two exterior doors. They introduced a product named DoorGuard that was used to reinforce the lock on my front door and also on a new steel door at the back of my garage, all at a very fair price. This additional protection could not have come at a better time since there was a break in at a house in my neighborhood, not even a month after Ron and Dave had finished the work for me. The news that there was a forced entry through a door just down the street further confirmed that I had done the right thing. Ron and Dave reviewed several options for improvement and followed through with some excellent work. I am forever thankful!

Sara M.